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First Ultimate Fighting Championship this February 2010

This is the First Ultimate Fighting Championship this February 2010, the second one will be on February 20, 2010. The Ultimate Fighting Championship featuring the main match between Randy Couture and Mark Coleman will start 2 hours from now. Everybody can’t wait for the start of the UFC 109 live stream. The crowd outside Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas are getting ready to witness one of the biggest UFC events this year.
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I’m Lost After Watching the 9th of the 5th

What I’m trying to say is that I’m lost after watch Lost Season 5 Episode 9. This TV series is getting exciting and exciting as each episode reveals another puzzle to decipher. Now, they arrived in the Island as what we saw on the previous episode (If you’re watching the 5th season, you’ll get what I mean). Sawyer saw Jack, Kate and Hugo together with Jin. Now, Lost is purely Science Fiction as they traveled in time. It’s now 1977. I think the Island is now in the year 1977 and the outside world of course is still in 1977 if you will go out from the island using the submarine. The only way to get back to the present time was to turn the steel gear (under the island) that John Locke turned that’s why he got out from the Island.

Another thing that confuses me is why Sun was separated from the rest. Only Jack, Kate, Hugo and Sayid made it to the time when Sawyer (now named LaFleur), Jin, Miles, Juliet and Daniel were present. And also, Daniel was missing on episodes 8 and 9. I wonder where Dr. Faraday went. Or maybe, he’s just around the Dharma Initiative premises and wasn’t caught on cam.

Anyway, the only mystery to me was why Sun was separated, is John Locke really dead? Because I saw him on one of the episodes in season 5. He’s still alive together with other survivors in “another” plane crash. And all that he can remember was he was dead. That’s the last thing that he remembered.

Let me finish the 9th episode. This episode concluded after Ben gave a sandwich to Sayid. Sayid asked the kids name (I forgot to tell you that Sayid was suspected to be a hostile and was put into the Dharma prison, Sawyer and Miles can do nothing because one of the Dharmans saw Sayid) and the kid replied, Benn. My name is Benn.

Oh boy, I can’t wait to watch the 10th part of season 5. Let’s wait what happens next. Will Sun travel through time and meet the rest of the gang? Or will the whole group travel and find out about the mystery time travel gear and turn it and solve everything? Let’s find out next week eh?

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